Technology really is shaking up the “oldest profession”

As you probably know by know there is a multitude of websites from individual agencies however there are in certain countries now apps for both iOS and Android to make the search for an escort local to you even easier.

So now if you are feeling horny just tap the app and find and research an escort local to you.

There is an app in Germany that makes fulfilling your sexual needs with an escort very simple, very handy if you happen to be there on business.

Literally open the app, type in your location, or let the app detect it using your phones GPS, and up pops a list of independent escorts nearest to you (if they are available to work) along with pictures, pricing and a biography of them and the services they can offer you.

What makes this app cool is you can filter down the results you are shown, so if you are after a blonde big boobed girl who allows anal, you can search for her, or maybe you fancy a redhead who allows you to cum in her mouth (at her discretion) again set the filter and away you go!

The link between technology and escorting services is growing, making it easier to find and locate the perfect escort for you.

These types of apps make it so much easier, especially if you are out of the country on business, yes granted after a long period of travelling and flights, most of us want to get to the hotel and relax, well with these sort of apps you can almost have an escort there to keep you company within minutes.

This technology also increases the safety element for all concerned as information can flow freely between the escort, and his or her driver or agency, all the while being able to be tracked on GPS.

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